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Sriracha Tiger Zoo Thailand

SriRacha Tiger Zoo is an exquisite zoological garden on over 100 acres where you can get a glimpse of many tigers. Sriracha Tiger zoo has over 200 Bengal Tigers and 100,000 crocodiles. SriRacha Tiger Zoo Thailand is the greatest tiger zoo in the entire world. It is said as soon as you step in, you are bound to feel the natural atmosphere and watch hundred of tigers in the natural tiger playground. Hold the tiger cub in your arms, feed them with milk and take a memorable picture to make your holidaying in Thailand the most memorable one.

You can also witness and learn about how the sow plays the role of the tiger cubs' nanny. Learn more about how she feeds them with her own milk along with the piglets and if you are lucky you can even get to see a practical demonstration of it. This SriRacha Tiger zoo also houses camels, deer, wallabies, rabbits, elephants, ostriches and especially the tiger cubs that were born in the zoo. You can also learn more about the elephants by strolling through the “Elephant Museum”. “Crocodile Eggs Breaking Festival”, a unique and fantastic event organized in this zoo is a surprisingly interesting event that you should not miss. The event is the first ever in the world and is held every year in between May to August. You can also enjoy varieties of animal shows in “Amazing Circus”. Wrestling Show with Crocodiles by lady performers is an added attraction. This SriRacha Tiger Zoo has impressed many tourists with the intelligence of pig in the Pig Racing Ground and Swimming Pool and with the exhibition of “SCORPION QUEEN” – a lady with hundred of poisonous scorpions.

Taking memorable photos with the tiger cub, baby crocodile, and  various  other kinds of animals. Witness the kind-hearted pig feeding the tiger cubs with her own milk along with the piglets. Crocodile and elephant shows, S&R Restaurant serves Thai, Chinese and Western cuisine for. Visitors can try exotic dishes of crocodile meat that are specially prepared as well as fresh seafood. This tour can be combined with Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens and Million Year Stone Park, see Tour SN1: Sriracha Tiger Park & Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens and Tour SM2: Sriracha Tiger Park & Million Year Stone Park

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